Artificial Christmas Tree
Nordmann Fir Premium

Nordmann Fir Premium is an extravagant Christmas tree inspired by classic fir. Its branches are long and rich with dark green needles. Bronze accents on the twigs add depth and naturalness. After assembly the diameter of the tree reaches up to 130 cm.

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Künstlicher Weihnachtsbaum Nordmanntanne

Nordmann Fir Premium

Nordmann Fir Premium is a Christmas tree not like any other. The secret lies in its unique design which allows for a lush and natural looking tree.

Levels with long and short branches are arranged alternately, and the two lowest levels are additionally strengthened. Branches fit Christmas lights and dozens of ornaments. Artificial Christmas tree Nordmann Fir Premium is available in two sizes, with a green or brown trunk.

Nordmann Fir Premium Christmas tree is an unusual decoration that introduces a special festive atmosphere. For a truly unique effect, take 30-40 minutes to unfold and decorate the tree. Dressing up a Christmas tree with your family is a great way to spend time together.

Artificial Christmas tree FairyTrees impresses with its look and quality. The needles are durable due to the PVC film, and the tips are designed so that they can be placed at any direction without the risk of damage.

This artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees is equipped with a wooden stand that provides stability to the tree. The stand is foldable and easy to assemble.

Height of Christmas tree includes the stand.

We care about you and the environment

In order to emphasize care for the environment, we produce our Christmas trees from recycled, self-extinguishing PVC foil. It does not contain harmful plasticizes. Artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees is a great way to protect nature – it protects the living tree from being cut. It’s also made from recyclable materials.

Storing an artificial Christmas tree

Condition of the Christmas tree depends on proper storage. For an artificial Christmas tree from FairyTrees to keep its aesthetic appearance, it should be stored in a special bag or carton and in a room with an ambient temperature of up to 25°C (77°F), such as is in a basement or a garage.

AlturaDiámetroNivelesMaterialPinasSoportePesoAltura de picoAlutra de baseNúmero de ramitasMasa nacaradaNieveColor del tronco
150 cm115 cm14PVC, PUNoSoporte de madera6 kg27 cm23 cm488NoNoVerde
180 cm130 cm17PVC, PUNoSoporte de madera8.5 kg27 cm25 cm642NoNoVerde
220 cm145 cm19PVC, PUNoSoporte de madera10 kg27 cm27 cm768NoNoVerde
Każda sztuczna choinka jest ręcznie robiona, dlatego dane przedstawione w tabeli należy traktować orientacyjnie.

Szybka i bezpieczna wysyłka

Sztuczne choinki FairyTrees są pakowane w 5-warstwowy karton o gramaturze 870 g/m2 i fali BC wyposażony we wkładkę tworzącą drugie dno i ścianki. Opakowanie jest zszywane w pięciu miejscach i dodatkowo zabezpieczane taśmą z logo FairyTrees. Zszywki uniemożliwiają pracę kartonu w trakcie transportu, dzięki czemu jest mniej podatne na zniszczenia niż jego standardowe odpowiedniki.

Opakowanie posiada logo FairyTrees, co znacząco ułatwia jego znalezienie w miejscu przechowywania.

Wymiary kartonów podane w tabeli są orientacyjne i mogą nieznacznie się różnić przy niektórych modelach. Dokładne dane są dostępne w karcie technicznej każdej choinki.

Árbol navideñoDimensiones del cartón
120 cm79 x 19.5 x 23 cm
150 cm118 x 26 x 30 cm
180 cm118 x 26 x 30 cm
220 cm118 x 26 x 37 cm
250 cm118 x 24 x 40 cm
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Abies nordmanniana

A high (growing up to even 60 m) evergreen coniferous tree occurs in Russian Caucasus and East Asia. Soft and long needles of a dark green colour create a dense crown.

The tree likes warm sunlit places and humid air. It doesn’t tolerate high temperatures, drought and contamination. In Europe, Normann fir is often grown for Christmas trees due to its appearance: conical shape and pointed peak which are a great background for ornaments.

Nordmanntanne Premium Fairytrees

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